Lowongan Kerja Assist.id Pekanbaru Mei 2019

LOKERPEKANBARU - Lowongan Kerja Assist.id Pekanbaru Mei 2019.
Assist.id (Instagram @Assistid) ⠀⠀
We are hiring for Digital Marketing⠀⠀
This position is responsible for Marketing Automation, SEO, SEM, PPC & affiliate marketing, and paid search activities.⠀⠀
- 1+ years of work experience in digital marketing⠀⠀
- Proven experience with paid search engine marketing campaign strategies ⠀⠀
and implementation⠀⠀
- Proficient in SEO best practices as well as being a creative thinker ⠀⠀
who can strategize for long term SEO growth.⠀⠀
- Well-versed in performance marketing, ⠀⠀
conversion, and online customer acquisition.⠀⠀
- Up-to-date with the latest trends, best practices in search engine marketing.⠀⠀
- In-depth experience with bid management tools⠀⠀
- Experience with website analytics tools (e.g, Google Analytics, NetInsight)⠀⠀
- Proviency in photoshop, Illustrator, or other visual design & wireframing tools⠀⠀
- Strong persistence in driving team’s tasks and deliverables⠀⠀
- Strong analytical skills and experience generating report⠀⠀
- Good communication & presentation skills⠀⠀
- Ability to generate well-structured reports⠀⠀
- Strong analytical, planning skills⠀⠀
- Excellent problem-solving skills⠀⠀
- Editing and writing skills⠀⠀
- Willing to work in Pekanbaru⠀⠀
How to Apply⠀⠀
Send your CV to Atikah@assist.id⠀⠀
Subject “Digital Marketing”⠀⠀

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